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Dating a fireman is one of those things that people love to say because it just sounds so cool, but there are important things to know, pros, and cons. First responders are on the frontlines of tragedy and emergency situations on a daily basis. They love the thrill of the job but understand that the job has risks that are unlike anything faced in other professions. Any day could turn tragic. It takes a special person to understand the unique challenges of dating a fireman. You have to be strong, too, and willing to endure the stress of knowing that your significant other is out there fighting fires and going into dangerous situations on a daily basis. In other words, dating a firefighter is not for the faint at heart.

7 Bad Reasons for Becoming a Firefighter

Think about it. Jobs—especially toxic ones—can sometimes put strain on a marriage. We kind of get why some of these jobs are marriage killers. Just imagine being married to that pesky telemarketer who talks your ear off. Or that flight attendant, who had their head in the clouds when you got married but now has left you stranded at the gate.

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These jobs have the highest and lowest divorce rates

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There are some added bonuses when you marry a firefighter. (And some things that would probably fall more in the “con” column than the “pro”.

Firefighters dedicate themselves to the protection and service of their communities. They are asked to provide a wide variety of tasks to keep people safe over the course of their daily lives. While serving shifts of up to 48 hours and some even up to 72 at a time, these people display heroic coverage every day while battling fires, rescuing people from emergency situations, and providing medical care as needed.

There are several different qualifications necessary in order to become a firefighter today. Although many fire districts do not require a specific educational degree, you do need to be physically fit to perform the tasks in this job description. Many firefighters get their start in high school while serving in a supportive capacity.

You will also need medical training to provide emergency interventions and specific knowledge about how fires operate when active in a structure.

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Considering that actuaries make a living off minimizing risks, there’s a strong chance they assessed the pros and cons of marriage beforehand. And forget what.

Login or Signup to meet new friends, find out what’s going on, and connect with others on the site. No no no, bad Val for the thought. I may very well end up adding to this list, but the most important thing is he truly loves his job. This is your online firehouse family. Register at FirefighterWife. Great list! I agree. I love how your cons were also pros.

I totally agree! Thanks ladies.

Dating someone in the Fire/EMS service vs dating a “civillian”

Make Police1 your homepage. Becoming a police officer opens your eyes to different perspectives. Law enforcement is ever-evolving, and so is the person occupying the uniform. Some exposures to police work change us for the better and others for the worse.

FireFighters Dating. Signing up on dating website, you get a firefighter to set cons and use search pros in order to find the person of your dream. So what cons to.

A volunteer firefighter’s life is different and I’m thankful my husband is home in the evenings. Today, I’ve been up since 3 AM, when his pager went off. I couldn’t go back to sleep and will try to function with school and a party I’ll host tonight. He’s at his regular job It’s hard on us both Being a military wife is very similiar.

All these tips can applied to military wives as well. Great post! Great post with lots of excellent tips any wife would do well to learn. Our husbands carry some pretty heavy burdens sometimes. Most of them hate coming home to ‘honey do lists’.

He cheated on me. Do I try to make it work?

There are some added bonuses when you marry a firefighter. This is just a list of five things that popped into my head. Being married to a firefighter actually has many more perks… right?

I actually wanted to title it Con’s and Pro’s, but that just wasn’t rolling off the tongue when I tried to say it. I know I won’t be able to come up with near as many​.

An educated, well-trained workforce is the main driver to profitability, and eLearning has many benefits. Online training courses can be taken in multiple sittings, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to better accommodate busy schedules. Courses have been designed using instructional best practices with participants interactively engaged resulting in higher levels of cognitive engagement and retention. For those with unreliable Internet access, a Correspondence Course is available for Water and Wastewater compliance training.

Airport Familiarization covers the systems used to designate runways and taxiways; airport marking, lighting, and signage; the legs of a typical traffic pattern; the impact of airport design on aircraft and rescue firefighting responses; and how to utilize all of this information during a response. Full course information and schedule. Aircraft Familiarization covers the major components of aircraft, the safety and rescue efforts for firefighters, the major systems in aircrafts and their inherent hazards, and shutting down an aircraft safely.

Hearts on Fire: What to Expect When Falling In Love with a Fireman

The United States Army Rangers is an elite group of warriors, sent into unusual environments to handle special operations duties. Rangers operate in jungle, desert and mountain environments, often tasked with more difficult specialized missions than those assigned to conventional Army troops. The pros and cons of the Army Ranger lifestyle include family stresses and the toughness of the Ranger program.

Things to know about dating a firefighter – Is the number one destination for online pros and cons of dating best friend · things you should know about dating a.

I hate this question. But it comes to me at least monthly in a private message that someone wants me to anonymously ask. An absolute freaking disaster. Divorce rate is off the charts. Second and third marriages are common and actually, my non-expert opinion and unofficial poll seems to find that they thrive way better than the first. Text messages and facebook make it easier to communicate outside your marriage.

Cheating is too common. There are people whom I hate for my husband to have to partner with because their values for marriage are so low. Conversation turns to filth. Eyes turn to unmentionables.

Things To Know About Dating A Firefighter

Both of us agreed that having someone in the same “service” helps you to debrief from work etc but we didn’t find much more of pro’s and con’s for either side. What’s your experience? Share Tweet Facebook. Views: I Love it

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Make Police1 your homepage. Becoming a police officer opens your eyes to different perspectives. Law enforcement is ever-evolving, and so is the person occupying the uniform. Some exposures to police work change us for the better and others for the worse. What are five negative and five positive personality adaptations cops undergo after experience on the job?

What makes us this way? We have come to an age where the public thinks the system and the police have a solution for their every problem.

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email, a password for access to the course, and a required completion date. ORA · NFPA Firefighter I & II, Quick View Course Description. close Different types of boom and the pros and cons of each type will be discussed.

When you think about a man in uniform , usually a firefighter is one of the first images that comes to mind. How could you not fall for a strong man who risks his life on a daily basis to help others? Of course, some risks are involved when you date a firefighter , but the pros far outweigh the cons! While you may think a relationship with a firefighter is glamorous, you should consider some important things first.

As you can imagine, the life of a firefighter is a stressful one. They face dangerous and stressful situations more often than not. You do not want to add stress to their lives. When they are not at work, it is only natural that they want to relax and have some fun.

Firefighter Career Information : Firefighter Pros & Cons

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